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Technical Forum >> Necessity of detecting the decomposed product in SF6 gas                         AddTime:2009-9-10

Necessity of detecting the decomposed product in SF6 gas

According to domestic and foreign data, among electrical equipment failures caused by SF6 in recent years, insulation failure accounts for 60%, the present test method of electrical equipment SF6 detection is hard to detect the primary equipment failures. After the in-depth research on the mechanism of the interior insulation material and statistic analysis of failure examples, our company come to the conclusion that the decomposition of solid insulation materials is the biggest threat to electrical equipment safety. Based on this conclusion, we select high grade electrochemical sensor and the best detecting process, adopting flow detection method to detect the decomposed product content in SF6, thus accurately and conveniently detecting the internal failure of the equipment. In the past several years, deficiencies were detected in more than 80 equipments by adopting this method, among which 36 were detected during operation, thus avoiding many accidents and proving the efficiency of this method.

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