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SF6 Electrical Equipment Gas Comprehensive Detector
Model: JH4000D-4
Six in one, test SO2+ SOF2, H2S, CO, HF; SF6 purity; SF6 moisture.
JH4000 series SF6 Electrical Equipment Gas Comprehensive Detector is a high precision, intelligent and portable comprehensive detector. It detects the main decomposition products, as well as SF6 purity and moisture content. It is reliable, accurate and stable. The user is able to make rapid and accurate judgment based on the content of main decomposition products, SF6 purity and moisture content. Inspected by authorities such as the National Institute of Metrology, the device, having excellent performance, complies with relevant international and national standards. It is a product recommended for use by the State Power Grid Company. This comprehensive detector is designed flexibly for the user’s choice. They can combine any two or three detection together. They can work simultaneously or separately, providing more complete measures for the inner fault diagnosis and it is an effective measure for preventive and corrective maintenance.
*   Multi Components detection, high precision, excellent stability
---  Detect decomposition products: SO2+ SOF2, H2S, CO, HF;
---  Detect SF6 purity;
---  Detect H2O content.
*   Rapid test, less gas consumption and environment friendly
---  Flowrate of gas detected: 200ml/min for decomposition products and purity detection;
500ml/min for water content detection.
---  Detection time: 2 mins for decomposition product detection and purity detection,
3~5 mins for moisture content detection.
*   Complete function, leading technology
---  Big LCD display with user friendly operating interface.
---  High sensitivity sensor plus optimized process of gas path ensure low level detection.
---  Built-in temperature compensation and automatic end point judgment.
---  Excessive high concentration protection technology.
---  Dual range SO2 sensors switch automatically to detect low and high concentration.
---  Built-in purge function with ambient air to reset value to zero quickly.
---  Built-in electronic flow meter displays gas flowrate while detecting.
---  Built-in micro printer, convenient for on-site data printing.
---  Gas inlet withstands the pressure of 1.0Mpa.
---  Main parameter self-checking.  
---  Automatic zero correction.
---  Display the moisture content in ppm and dew point in ℃.
---  Built-in diagnostic software analyses and judges the circuit breaker and other equipment according to the operation condition and test data of the equipment. 
---  Powerful diagnostic and data management software with features of data storage, transmission, query, edition, analysis, graph generation and printing functions.
Patent technology
The detector has been granted with a number of patents.
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