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SF6 Density Meter Tester
Model: JHMD-1
JHMD-1 is a smart tester. By using high accuracy core units, pressure sensor, A/D, D/A transducer, 32 bit ARM MCU and TI company’s high speed signal chip, it can automatically calibrate the density relay, measure pressure at signal activity temperature, convert pressure from any temperature to 20℃ standard pressure, print test data and save for review. It identifies the fault during the test. The whole procedure is under automatically operation, JHMD-1 is a high accurate, high stable, reliable tester.
---   Portable design, easy for carrying and on site test.
---   Use high performance 32 ARM MCU, high accuracy core units. The tester has the high precision, excellent repeatability and stability.
---   LCD screen displays all data and condition, rotary mouse, easy operation design.
---   Automatically convert pressure from any temperature to 20℃ standard pressure, complete the compensation between pressure and temperature. Display pressure under measurement temperature, at 20℃ temperature and ambient temperature.
---   Automatically measurement procedure, avoid manually gas adjustment.
---   Print measurement result in list format, analyze the data intelligently.
---   Save 50 measurement data, power-cut data record function, convenient for reviewing and printing record data at any time.
---   No need thermostatic room, calibrate the SF6 density relay, pressure meter at any effective temperature.
---   Variety of adapter to meet the most of switchgear density relay and convenient to connect, no need to disassemble the relay.
---  Low consumption of SF6 gas. Flow rate 500ml/min
---  Fast test: test time 5 minutes.
---  On line revise the system clock and pressure.
---  Two temperature measurement mode: automatically measure or infrared measure the ambient temperature, to ensure the accuracy of test.
---  Gas cylinder pressure reducing valve withstands the pressure of 15Mpa, low pressure output adjustable. Suitable for Nitrogen test gas calibration.
---  Test of single alarm signal and double close signal at the same time is available.
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